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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted July 17, 2015 at 23:25:11 in reply to Comment 112768

The GPS "breadcrumb" line on a map would disappear at the entrance to the building.

They'd know which building the bike entered, as a result. The building can, then be searched, if the bike is suspected stolen.

Also, modern GPS phones are so sensitive that they often find a lock inside many smaller residential homes, or the top two floors of an apartment tower, or the window room of an apartment.

New iPhones, in particular, have a super sensitive GPS lock - it's even simultaneously combining data from Russia's GLONASS, WiFi lock, cellphone tower locations, etc. So it may have a location lock without the American GPS system! Incidentially, the chips in the new iPhones are compatible with China's COMPASS and Europe's GALILEO (their clones of GPS), so when those systems become active, there's even more satellites to lock onto simultaneously, some of the systems penetrate buildings better than others. I even get a GPS lock in the basement of my detached house now, with a newer iPhone. With two floors and an attic above! Though my house is wood-frame, not metal-frame.

SoBi have a built-in equivalent of a cellphone too, because it has to transmit data to central server. So it may be a more sensitive GPS too. The bike itself will also still often have cellphone reception, even if GPS reception is lost. So the bike can report that GPS lock got lost, and tell headquarters where the GPS signal disappeared (e.g. the front door of a building).

Due to that, they can also remotely set off an alarm on the SoBi bike itself too! Even if GPS is lost. (Thieves beware!)

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