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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted July 10, 2015 at 12:12:50 in reply to Comment 112718

Apparently, Idaho allows this.

It's called the Idaho Stop Law.

Stop signs are yield signs for bikes in Idaho.

Bikes are legally allowed to slow down to a minimum-speed type roll, to keep a bicyclist safely balanced, long enough to safely see a clear view of the intersection, before proceeding through.

Like a Yield sign, you are legally obligated to fully stop if necessary, to yield to other traffic. But if the intersection is empty, go ahead, be our guest -- and the traffic cop smiles at you as you wave, legally coasting through a stop sign!

No change in bike injury/death statistics occured.

The only study done, showed the Idaho Stop law made things slightly safer! No tipping over during stop, bikes can stay more visible in center, fewer rear-endings by cars behind, etc.

There are broken legs and broken hips because someone tipped over after stopping a bike, there are rear-endings because a bike stopped in front of a car behind (e.g. preparing to left turn). The Idaho Stop reduces these, outweighing all other risks.

Remainder of bike bad habits are more easily enforceable, since there were far fewer bike-law violations. Many young people respect laws that more match actual behavior. Yield abuse is ticketed, just like for real Yield signs. So no barreling through, buddy!

It's a very good law. It is very clearly and unambiguously spelled out. The law is a maximal combined safety equlibrium for people (cars, peds, bikes).

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