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By old codger (anonymous) | Posted July 07, 2015 at 19:19:24 in reply to Comment 112629

Back in the day Hamilton tried a bike licensing system. They were yellow plastic that you got though the police department and stuck them on the back of the bike. We were encouraged to get them through the Elmer the Safety Elephant program and you got prizes if you took the bike safety course they ran at the Centre Mall. All good fun and I was pretty proud of mine.

My Dad would not let me ride on a road unless I got the license. (I don't think he liked me riding on the road at all anyway and probably hoped it would stop me from getting one.)

The side benefit was that if your bike was registered and it was stolen, if police found it you got it back. This happened to me and I had my bike saved from the police auction that way.

I think it died because no one used it.

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