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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted July 07, 2015 at 09:59:26 in reply to Comment 112596

The Montreal/Toronto system is similar to the New York City systems (they use the same design), and they theoretically can do fare integration. However, so far, they have not.

Hamilton's system is incompatible with the Montreal/Toronto/New York City system. So it doesn't lend well to easy transit integration. Presto would be nice, but not if it adds $1000 per bike.

Hamilton's lower-cost system don't need cards or fobs at all. You find any unused bike. Anywhere, either visually or via phone map. Then you just punch in a 6-digit membership number and a 4-digit PIN and the bike electronically unlocks. So it's just like dialing a phone number on the bike's back pad, and voilĂ .

To get your membership number (pay per use, or monthly membership, or annual membership), you sign up at and it's linked to your credit card. Then you're done, you can grab any bike right after the one-time online signup process.

There is from time to time, a limited quanitity of free memberships available for low-income people ("Everyone Rides" program). Whenever they are available, there's an approval verification waiting period involved.

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