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By KevinLove (registered) | Posted July 06, 2015 at 22:32:26 in reply to Comment 112579

Don't forget the costs of providing police, fire and ambulance services to car drivers. Been a while since I saw a bike catch on fire...

And the costs of car-dependent sprawl. It costs the City of Halifax over twice as much to provide municipal services to the suburbs vs. urban area.

Or the health-car costs of treating people poisoned by motor vehicle operators. I see that this is $2.2 billion in Toronto every year.

And let's not forget the $13.7 billion dollars spent by the governments of Canada and Ontario bailing out GM and Chrysler. Note how that's $13.7 billion in US dollars.

And the $34 billion and rising spent on military intervention in the Middle East. And the Government of Canada is getting increasingly ingenious about ways to dump health-care costs for wounded veterans onto the provinces.

I estimate that each car driver receives over $10,000 per year in subsidies from the hard-working taxpayer. I also estimate that there would be a lot less car driving if car drivers had to pay their own way, instead of reaching into my pocket and helping themselves to a heaping pile of my money.

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