Comment 112569

By Mark Rejhon (anonymous) | Posted July 06, 2015 at 17:03:30 in reply to Comment 112565

They come by to pick up the bikes and relocate them.

Being GPS tracked, they also know when a bike is being repeatedly locked off-dock in one location. The system can also know when the battery is getting weak in the GPS (due to lack of sunlight on solar, due to indoor storage) so they can come get the bike before battery dies. The battery supposedly lasts many days (possibly weeks?). The system can also know when the signal is weak (e.g. indoors) so they can follow the GPS trace. Modern GPS while locked, averaged in a presumed stationary outdoor location, can have better-than-1-meter accuracy (normally 3 meters, but averaging a stationary position improves this). So they can eventually figure out if the bike is parked in an inaccessible location, and then notify the last user (you).

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