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By ergopepsi (registered) | Posted June 24, 2015 at 10:47:05 in reply to Comment 112434

She was heading North so it was just the lane - no parking. I agree 100% that if the lane is cracked and has that 1/2 road, 1/2 curb asphalt seam running down the middle they are terribly unsafe to ride in. So this is another case where we'd be better off without the lane at all.

The public advertisement for cycling for that duration of time was not good. There was a lane, she was not using it. She was slowing down all the traffic. Those drivers went to work and b*tched about it to their co-workers who agreed ('I know man!').

If there was no bike lane she could have been cycling legally (as she was yesterday) on a safe portion of the road and the car drivers would not be able to point out that she was not in her 'own lane' although they still would have negative feelings towards it.

The solution of course is to build better and safer lanes and, I think, to remove lanes that are unsafe to use.

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