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By RADADAM (registered) | Posted June 12, 2015 at 18:19:21 in reply to Comment 112209

Everyone conveniently ignores my Cannon St. comment however. And maybe I do drive the speed limit on Charlton. Seeing how its kinda 3 lanes, and you can only drive in the middle lane as this street seems to pinch you off and on all the way down from parked cars narrow lanes and people swerving all over the place. Another point is a hit to the head or leg or wherever in a car doing 40 opposed to someone doing 60 inflicts the same damage. Broken leg, head trauma or worse. People fall off bicycles and die. People fall down stairs and die. Its a car vs human. Human does not win. If you want to argue that driving over a posted limit is a problem then you have more than Hunter to complain about. You have every street ever made to complain about it. This study just pointed the obvious. People generally do the speed limit within 10km. And excessive speeding which is the issue on any street is like I said, the minority, and occurs on every street. So apparently your version of Charlton is as skewed as mine, as half is a freeway, and half is full of stop which I do not complain about... just point to as a east to west option for drivers. And another point, seems like everyone in here would rather ignore the fact I said I have no problem with traffic calming in the area..I am a defensive driver and recognize hazards as well as potential hazards and "what ifs" like children, seniors, cyclists...this is plain common sense and my duty as a responsible driver...and would rather jump on me for overall statements on speeds above the limit in general. Glad to see we all came to argue, which is not the most enjoyable thing to do when I would rather listen to reason, like I did through these posts, the only thing I complained about was the reaction to the small percent of excessive speeders, like I will say again, occurs on every street everywhere, and speed humps are a good option. WOW

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