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By RTHS (registered) - website | Posted June 12, 2015 at 14:42:40

First, wicked job cherry picking those pictures, Ryan - not everyone can twist the argument like a piece of licorice to fit the narrative you're pimping, well done. You're a true artist.

Second - even with the cherry picked photos, you're unable to hide a fairly obvious problem with your claims: there are no homes in any of the pictures (save for one, which has a regular sized turning corner, and a bike lane), of course - but also, the buildings in the area are actually places that require a fair amount of transport truck traffic. Know what that means? Wide turning lanes, for access that doesn't block other vehicles on those corners. It's a necessity. Even closer to Upper Ottawa, you start to see bakeries, a fire services building, etc that all see larger-than-normal vehicles, it's pretty obvious that the roads have to have widened turning lanes for this reason.

Third: Honest question for you: What's wrong with sharing the bike lanes with pedestrians? I'm genuinely curious, and I'm surprised no one has brought this up. In a lot of your other comments and articles you are more or less demanding the city make room on it's roads for cyclists - some of them warranted demands, others not - so I'm wondering, why the objection here?

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