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By RADADAM (registered) | Posted June 12, 2015 at 13:40:01

I am all for speed humps, that you can go over safely at 40kms an hour, not speed humps that you have to nearly stop at to go over...which is unsafe in itself, However, I think we are missing a big issue here with Hunter. If you are coming north on James and want to head west, where do you turn? Stop sign filled and congested Charlton? If you do not turn there you turn on Hunter...which miraculously got an advanced green a summer or two ago, a godsend...and if you do not turn down Hunter than what? No left on a one way street (MAIN) no left on KING (a one way street WEST no doubt) and then you have to go all the way down past Jackson Square and try to turn left (one car at a time, usually at the end of the light) on Cannon (no advanced green). People are speeding because Hunter is the most direct way allowable west, a left turn lane with advanced green on Cannon is part of the solution.

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