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By jason (registered) | Posted June 11, 2015 at 18:27:18 in reply to Comment 112179

only problem I see with the 2-way conversion idea is that it's not possible to go 2-way east or west of here without losing the bike lanes and/or parking, and we know which of the two would survive. Seems to me we should extend the bike lanes past the GO Station as has been suggested over and over to city staff by having only one through car lane. Volumes are far low enough to warrant one lane. West of James the centre lane can continue for auto use with the right curb lane becoming a 24-7 parking lane with bumpouts at MacNab and Park. Barely east of Bay the right curb parking can end and become a right turn lane. Then parking resumes west of Bay.... Basically I'm proposing the same design that Hunter has from Wellington to Catharine be extended all the way through to Bay Street.
I'm sure the city's cycling staff will need 11 years to consider such a wild idea.

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