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By StephenBarath (registered) | Posted June 11, 2015 at 11:53:43 in reply to Comment 112174

"Photo radar was one of the issues that brought down Bob Rae's government in the 90's."

I guess strictly-speaking that's true, but it suggests that it played a major role. That's not the case. There were many reasons why Rae was so unpopular, many no fault of his own. Opponents of something often characterize it as political suicide, and baselessly insinuate that no voters are in favour of it. It's just received wisdom at this point that speed cameras are intolerable to voters, but do we know if it's actually a fact? kevlahan's link above suggests that a majority of Canadians might support cameras.

As police budgets become more burdensome, speed cameras seem like a no-brainer. It doesn't make sense for a Sunshine Lister to hide behind a pole with a radar gun hoping to give out a couple speeding tickets an hour. Not when a machine can do it with complete accuracy and negligible cost. Nor is it effective.

I don't understand why there has been no serious grass-roots movement to get the speed limits on the 400 series highways increased. It's astounding to drive on it and realize that 95% of motorists using them are in fact breaking the law. Maybe now that B.C. has managed to do it, Ontario will be next. I agree with kevlahan and pxtl that speed limits should be set for what is safe (higher than now on highways; and lower than now on our city streets), and effective and cost-effective enforcement of them.

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