Comment 111505

By kdslote (registered) | Posted May 11, 2015 at 12:39:17 in reply to Comment 111503

I think what most cycling advocates in the city are trying to achieve is exactly what you are suggesting - to make the attitude around cycling more understanding on a human level. To understand that a huge percentage of the population wants to cycle more, but don't feel safe with our city's current lack of properly designed cycling infrastructure. If you fall within the 33% of people who will never cycle, regardless of infrastructure, that's fine! But please don't undermine the ability for the other 66% of the population to cycle!

If cycling advocates often appear's because we are. We're not bad people either, though we're often made out to be with insults hurled at us by drivers and with media reports supporting a culture of cyclist blaming when accidents do occur.

Also - are we looking at the same chart that Ryan posted???? Hamilton's total density within the urban boundary would put us middle of the pack. Counting just the downtown area, we're much more dense!

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