Comment 110195

By RobF (registered) | Posted March 13, 2015 at 09:54:07 in reply to Comment 110149

No. First, the Police don't have the resources to enforce 30km/h across large areas. Second, design changes are needed to make drivers feel that they need to adjust speed and drive cautiously. Providing ample space, wide turning radii, and so on is good highway engineering ... it tells drivers this is made for speed.

Most drivers do not slow-down to 30km/h on John Street in the North End ... two lanes of non-calmed one-way traffic until it is converted. If you go over to Bay North you'll note the difference. Traffic is slower and drivers have to adjust to bumpouts and chokers designed to change the way the road feels. We get complaints from some residents that the design changes will cause accidents. In reality they just make you aware that less space is available and you need to turn slower and adjust how you drive to feel safer. These complaints from drivers tell us the design changes work, and are necessary.

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