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By Joshua (registered) | Posted March 07, 2015 at 01:05:12 in reply to Comment 110011

I'm about ready to let LRT go, in the short term, and improve the situation's we have now, which is life with buses. Can we deal with better headways on the Mountain, for example? Could we have more bus shelters per stop? Could there be some way of contacting the H.S.R. without having a cellular telephone--a toll-free number and directions to the nearest pay-phone, perhaps? What about, as at the MacNab and Limeridge Mall terminals, some electronic count-down for the next bus, a sign that's solar-powered like a construction sign?

And then, the fare increases.... How are they to lead to higher ridership? What about continual pressure on the city's budget so as to divert the federal gas tax revenue, that's supposed to go toward public transit, toward that end and not toward the endless road infrastructure of sprawl?

Could we stop thinking so far ahead of the way to polish the magical bullet and deal with issues that sit in front of us now as well as ways to make those issues more amenable to living a human life in this city? Could I ask any more questions? Ai yi yi.

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