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By LeeEdwardMcIlmoyle (registered) - website | Posted February 24, 2015 at 09:56:01

I won't debate Cllr Whitehead's challenged linguistic skills. What I will debate is his grasp of the very principles he seeks to lecture us about. He expects everyone who criticizes his decisions (i.e. his work performance) to somehow adhere to some ethical standard that he himself misses by a long chalk much of the time. His divisive stance on LRT notwithstanding, he historically and very publicly debates any issue that doesn't suit his narrow 'mandate' to make his constituents' traffic concerns the model for city planning, and when he doesn't get support from vocal activists, he demeans their level of engagement with spurious claims and cast aspersions about their level of integrity, which is what he's saying when he mumbles about unemployed people with no children.

He's basically saying we are all rootless transients who have no sweat equity, no 'skin in the game', and should all be ignored summarily. His ignorance is only matched by his arrogance. I think it's high time someone with a better grasp of the issues of Ward 8 actually applied some of this 'vocal minority' treatment (that we're reputed to dish out so unjustly) to his ward directly, and tell him precisely where he's gone wrong in his ward, because so long as he is able to keep reframing the debate away from his own performance and toward questioning our integrity, he'll never be silent, never concede his ignorance, and never back down.

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