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By jason (registered) | Posted February 23, 2015 at 18:13:49 in reply to Comment 109603

keep in mind, the Claremont adds it's lanes along the central portion. Walk to Main and Victoria sometime and look south. It's pathetic. The Claremont comes down with only 2 lanes, and as we know, even at only 2 lanes nobody does less than 90km/hr. Suddenly at the bottom Victoria becomes FIVE lanes.
The Claremont has nothing to do with this. It's city hall.

Ditto for Wellington. 5 lanes on Wellington becomes 3 on the Claremont. Then a 4th lane appear halfway up for no reason.

We could have a 2-way protected bike lane on the south lane of the Claremont that veers down to Charlton Ave, and if we made Wellington/Victoria 2-way we could adjust the centre median on the Claremont and have 2 lanes up and 1 lane down next to the bike lanes. Then we take the remaining 2/3 unbound lanes and convert them to BRT/bus only lanes veering over to the upcoming transit terminal at Mohawk College by adding bus lanes on West 5th (yea right. haha)

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