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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted February 23, 2015 at 18:00:28 in reply to Comment 109599

The problem is that the Claremont screws up Victoria/Wellington just as badly as the Jolley Cut is currently screwing up Queen and Herkimer and Charlton. Ultimately the Claremont could be downgraded to 4 lanes and then it could be supplied by a normal road instead of a pair of 1-ways... and then we've got the same problem at Victoria/Wellington that we're having at James and John.

If you're going to pick one street that must be deformed, then I'd say John. It's the most direct route from King/Main to the Jolley Cut and therefore minimizes the impact on the rest of the city. Fix the zany TWINO layout in favour of pure-2-way, make sure there's a full 4 lanes for the whole length, and put up a couple of no-left-turn signs as needed. Sync the lights to whichever direction carries more traffic according to the time of day. Basically, the same treatment I'd expect to see in any normal city.

Then let the whole rest of the neighborhood go 2-way with no crazy creative traffic solutions.

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