Comment 109522

By jason (registered) | Posted February 22, 2015 at 15:24:12 in reply to Comment 109517

these two comments above are excellent. Not only does city hall have no vision for downtown greater than being a freeway to somewhere else, they actually encourage the use of single occupancy vehicles as well. It's amazing. No other city disregards its downtown like we do. Zero vision. zero leadership.

Cities around the world and making their downtowns attractive to people. You know, putting people first. That's the title of yet another great working plan for downtown that's been collecting dust on a shelf somewhere while we continue to perpetuate these one-way freeways and stifle our own economy.

I always come back to de-amalgamation. For the first decade of amalgamation I thought we could all be grown-ups and make it work. City council has proven otherwise, and I would now actively support a mayoral/council candidate promising full, 100% financial and political de-amalgamation. Until that happens, we are all wasting our time hoping for city hall to care about downtown or ever make the basic changes to our public realm that will allow it to succeed and thrive.

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