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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted February 22, 2015 at 12:18:00 in reply to Comment 109516

And, to take an even "bigger picture" point of view, if Hamilton (especially its downtown core) is ever to reach its full economic and population potential (imagine all those vacant lots built) it will have to stop treating single occupancy vehicle commuting as the default. There just won't be enough street capacity, even if we refuse to do any traffic calming or complete street renovations.

This is why Hamilton has the goal of shifting the modal split away from driving to transit, walking and cycling. Our official goal since 2001 has been to double per capita transit use.

This isn't to be "fair" to transit users or pedestrians or because the city is anti-car; it is to make the most efficient use possible of the finite resource that is our streets. There really is no other way.

Continuing to place auto commuters at the top of our priority list is just going to make it even harder to make the switch when we really are in a gridlock crisis and it becomes absolutely necessary. Or, we could decide we prefer a fast automobile commute to an economically vibrant and successful city.

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