Comment 109495

By Ahappycommuter (anonymous) | Posted February 21, 2015 at 15:04:49

I drive home from work every day down queen to herkimer. I love the current set up. Three coworkers live on the west mountain and they love it too. If it was restricted to two lanes southbound at rush hour it would affect me some but it would affect my coworkers more. On the days when people park on the east side during rush hour alumina ting that lane, the people heading to herkimer get lumped in with the people trying to getbupbthebwest mountai or to west Aberdeen and it creates great delay. You may not like it. But I do. Does that make me bad? Do I make no sense? Can you not see why my coworkers and I like the current setup? It's logical. It's understandable. We just disagree.

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