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By DBC (registered) | Posted February 20, 2015 at 11:24:38

Shocked to read Dreschel's column today. He sounds like an apologist for Whitehead.

Why he also dredges up the whole "regional road" red herring is also troubling. The fact is regional roads run through city centres all over Ontario. Only in Hamilton have we taken them and made them 5 lane one way monstrosities. Name another city anywhere that has done the same. What is so horrible about the thought of two-way King and Main? You would still have a total of 4 lanes going in each direction. Granted you wouldn't be able to speed THROUGH the core, but the trade off would be increased vitality of the streetscape and an increase in businesses.

One way Queen St. is yet another red herring. Why do the streets at the bottom of a mountain access need to be one-way when none of the streets at the top of the access are? Beckett Drive is one lane in each direction. Calming Queen would only eliminate the queue jumping (high speed) that takes place.

How is wanting safe streets where you live a bad thing?

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