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By jason (registered) | Posted January 02, 2015 at 23:19:41 in reply to Comment 107483

yes, we are so close, yet so far. Dundurn and York is really frustrating because there is tons of road space to have green bike turning lanes connecting the bike lanes in all 3 directions: south onto Dundurn and east/west onto York from Dundurn.
In Dutch nations they pay extra attention to intersections and conflict zones by making bike lanes coloured or protected, even if they were nothing more than painted bike lanes on the prior street. Here we simply eliminate the bike lanes altogether and create no visible connections.

Victoria and Wellington should have buffered bike lanes like York (except without the stupid right turn for cars encouraged in the bike lanes).

You're correct on Napier/Queen. On York at Bay, they could sign/paint bike symbols on the wide walkway next to the Federal Building from Napier to Bay.

Also, there is TONS of road space next to the left turning lane from York onto Bay N to add a westbound bike lane from Bay to Hess. In fact, in this entire stretch there is a huge hatched-off area of the road that is just unused. Move the curb parking along York there out into the hatched-off area and have a westbound bike lane run in between the parking and the sidewalk from Bay to Hess.

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