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By KevinLove (registered) | Posted January 01, 2015 at 17:19:39

Kari, thank you for sharing this. Writing this cannot have been easy. It must have been painful to relive being the victim of such a serious crime of violence. Please accept my best wishes for your recovery and sincere prayer that there is no permanent injury.

Although 30 km/hr speed limits are part of best practices for residential neighbourhoods such as Aberdeen, in the absence of engineering enforcement or law enforcement they will be ineffective.

A good example of this ineffectiveness can be seen where I live, near Durand Park. On the notorious "Herkimer Racetrack" by the park, violent and dangerous criminal car drivers know that when they see the traffic light change to green at James Street they have to travel at 70-100 km/hr to "beat the light." And they do. Terrorizing children going to school and everyone else in the neighbourhood who would like to use the street.

Although I have not measured car driver speeds on this part of Aberdeen, I travel on this street fairly often. I would be willing to wager that car drivers are not obeying the speed limit right now. So changing the number on a sign that is ignored to a new number...

Best practice in accordance with the CROW traffic design engineering standards for residential streets such as Aberdeen is to use permeable filters to remove cut-through car traffic and use street designs that encourage safety.

Where this has been done systematically to virtually all residential streets, the result is the safest roads in the world.

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