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By why (anonymous) | Posted December 31, 2014 at 16:00:05

Sadly, I really don't think reducing speed limits on its own is going to solve the problem. I think the number #1 problem with the interaction between cyclists and motorists in the downtown is a lack of awareness of the rights and responsibilities cyclists have under the Highway Traffic Act. A very large number of casual cyclists are simply not aware that they are a motorist under the eyes of the law and persist in switching between motorist and pedestrian in their cycling behaviour. Motorists are equally unaware, if not more so, of this fact and refuse to give cyclists the lane they are entitled to. I think any change in traffic infrastructure, including the excellent cycling lanes installed on Cannon St, has to be made in concert with a public awareness campaign, and enforcement, for it to be effective. Billboards, radio/TV spots, and social media HAVE to be used. Rules of the road have to be brought into public discourse otherwise both sides are going to keep pointing fingers at each other not knowing there are already laws in place to keep us safe that aren't being followed or enforced nearly enough.

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