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By jason (registered) | Posted December 31, 2014 at 15:28:43

Wow. Very scary. Thanks for sharing, and I'm pleased to hear you're recovering and that it wasn't much worse. I have made that same trip many times, and like you, I'm always praying that I can make the left onto Hawthorne before the light turns green behind me.
A street like Aberdeen with it's hordes of students walking and biking from Mac and Westdale, and it's single family homes along the majority of the route, does not need to be a 4 lane highway.
Hamilton MUST get over this idiotic notion that every city street must become an extension of the freeway it connects to. Drivers treat King and Queen like the real entrance to Hwy 403. Why? Because we encourage such behaviour by the way we've engineered it.

Ditto for Aberdeen, and Main, and York. There's no reason Aberdeen can't be 1 lane each way with parking on one-side only, and bike lanes each direction. At Locke and Dundurn, the curb parking can have a few spots removed to allow a left-turn lane onto those streets.
Traffic would still flow fine, yet there would be safer options for everyone.

I hope you would consider sending this to city council and our mayor. They like to spend hours and hours each council term bragging and patting themselves on the back about how McMaster brings educated, world-renowned employees here.
I think they owe it to McMaster, the city, you and all future employees to take a hard look at how far behind much of the world we are when it comes to livability and safe streets. Despite the few councillors who don't care about safety or livability, I believe most do care and want to see Hamilton become a Canadian leader in this regard. Hearing from citizens like you can only help.

Thx again for sharing

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