Comment 106932

By JustinJones (registered) - website | Posted December 11, 2014 at 13:59:03 in reply to Comment 106906

You're right! We should be adding more car lanes! Let's get rid of the sidewalks on King and Main Street!

Actually, that might not be enough space. Let's get rid of the buildings too! Nobody goes there anyways, right? So let's just turn the whole area into a 400 series highway.

Also, I love how you prescribe that buses should have to deal with traffic just like a motor vehicle as listed under the highway traffic act in one breath, then say that cyclists, which, by the way, ARE VEHICLES UNDER THE HIGHWAY TRAFFIC ACT, should be on the sidewalks.

If this is meant to be satire, you're doing a lovely job. If not, then you are either allergic to fact and logic or you just choose to ignore them. Either way, go away.

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