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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted December 11, 2014 at 01:32:53 in reply to Comment 106906

Stats show that driver and vehicle licensing is on the rise- like always.

Do you have a source to share? Genuinely curious because multiple things I'm seeing suggest driving peaked already and the trend is reversing. Here is just one example of what's going on:

A survey by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute this summer found that while 80 per cent of Americans and Canadians between 17 and 19 had a driver’s licence three decades ago, today it’s closer to 60 per cent. In fact, there’s been a steady decline in licensed drivers in every age group over the past 15 years.

If you have something that begs to differ, please share it.

This makes it completely unreasonable and unsafe to add a bus or bike lane without adding the 'real estate'to do so ... the city should be ADDING more CAR lanes

In your world view all space outside of a building should belong to ALL CARS and if by chance you become satisfied, then perhaps your generosity will declare some real estate "surplus" and therefore available for multi-modal use? Do you have a specific and not emotional proposal? Where is extra space coming from? Bulldozed buildings? Eliminate medians, landscaping, sidewalks? Make the Lakeshore Trail a two way street? And when even that gets congested because you can't leave your living room without a car, then what?

Doesn't look like you thought your comment through, honestly it looks like you're mad because there is traffic in a city where by definition other people live. If you join the legislators in a repeat of kindergarden, you can pay attention to the part where sharing and awareness that others exist is taught.

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