Comment 106867

By Noble cycles (anonymous) | Posted December 10, 2014 at 12:36:18 in reply to Comment 106850

Jason, I wish I had the answers.

I personally think Downtown would be thriving if we had two way on both king and main.

We deffinitely need to take a new approach, the only people that one way traffic benefits is the folks trying to get through the city and not support the city.

Seems everyone making the judgements does not actually own a business let alone own a business on king.

In terms of road abuse. Some folks may want to take notice of what is happening to the road from the buses. Basically next to the curb the road is getting a deep groove from the frequency of buses. This will surely need resurfacing in the next few years.

For now... It makes great little jumps.

Again, these are just my observations over the past 1 year and 43 days and counting.

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