Comment 106804

By Fake Name (anonymous) | Posted December 09, 2014 at 16:19:55 in reply to Comment 106787

King has fine character through the International Village now that the Royal Connaught is revived. It's dense, slow, and comfy to walk on - and that's despite the fact that it's right next to the worst Code Red neighborhoods in the city. Which demonstrates perfectly how a 1-way can be perfectly pleasant.

Cannon's new form is fantastic and should be the model for the whole city.

I'd love to see Main stay 1-way but get the LRT, and then King get 2-way conversion (you could make it asymmetric west of Queen).

But all the side-roads? Those accomplish nothing by being 1-way except for fast traffic and poor wayfinding. Why is Catharine street 1-way? Herkimer? Who does that help?

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