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By John Neary (registered) | Posted December 05, 2014 at 23:03:45 in reply to Comment 106635

I guess you could say that I "represented" Beasley, although the point of this meeting wasn't for neighbourhood reps to ask for infrastructure improvements. Rather, it was to build lines of communication and a mutual understanding between staff in Public Works and some citizens who have been publicly engaged in discussion of (and often criticism of) transportation policy. I can't speak to Councillor Farr's thought process in deciding who to invite, but I suspect that his goal was to bring some of the loudest critics into the room. After all, Jason and Ryan don't even live in Ward 2.

As Nicholas said above, this was an informal meeting. The biggest takeaway for me was that John Mater and his group seem to be genuinely interested in engaging citizens about projects in their neighbourhoods. I don't think that he expects that engagement to come from five people only, and I don't think that the five of us are going to have any privileged access that's not available to anyone else.

I've been beating my head against the Mary St. project since 2012 and the whole time I wished I could speak to someone at City Hall regarding the technical stuff in which I have absolutely no expertise; now I know that Martin White is that guy. I am sure that if someone from Gibson or the East Mountain reaches out to him, they'll get the same response that I will. Or maybe a better one: now that I've pointed the entire RTH community in his direction, he might get a little bit annoyed with me after all ;)

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