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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted December 05, 2014 at 15:07:56 in reply to Comment 106618

Well, if you don't believe all the various people who wrote the other articles, will you believe this Spec article, or are you insisting only on primary sources (i.e. a copy of the work order from public works indicating all work was completed in one night):

"This day in history Oct. 29, 1956

Hamilton Spectator This day in 1956 was the official first day of one-way streets in Hamilton, as city workers the evening before moved to make the changeover.

The view at the time was that one-way streets move traffic faster and more safely. Acting on a study by traffic engineers and consultants Wilbur Smith and Associates, the city converted dozens of downtown streets to one-way traffic to try to move traffic more quickly.

The plan was supposed to be a trial for 90 days, but most people liked the idea and it was continued till recent years when some streets, such as James Street, were changed back."

You can also watch this interview between the library's archivist and Mayor Bratina about the en masse conversion and the reasons for it:

and this IS primary material! The archivist is very clear that the change was made "all at once".

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