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By Anon (anonymous) | Posted September 30, 2014 at 08:43:36

"Drivers don't expect to encounter red lights because we have designed our streets so automobiles never have to slow down."

Much truer in the lower city in general and the core in particular. The mindset of the entire city needs to change. Case in point is a letter to the editor in today's Spec. The letter writer, an Ancaster resident, is decrying the bus only lane on King and the bike lanes on Cannon. The same people who want everyone and everything to get out of their way when driving in other people's neighbourhoods would never tolerate people drivng in their hoods the same way, let alone allow street design that even makes it possible.

I don't hear anyone in Ancaster carping about the design of Wilson Street. What is good enough for your neighbourhood is good enough for everyone else's too.

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