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By theninjasquad (registered) - website | Posted July 29, 2014 at 15:49:14

I've noticed that I'm running into fewer vehicles parked in the bike lanes as time goes by which is great. Seems that people just needed a bit of time to adjust for some reason.

I think my biggest complaint with these bike lanes is that they didn't repave it. The lane in some stretches is really chewed up and bumpy. Especially if you're heading east on the Queen - MacNab stretch. It makes it to be an unpleasant ride. I'd actually rather they spent money on making a nice riding surface than putting up some kind of physical barrier to the road.

Judging by the work that has started on Cannon St, it doesn't look like they're repaving that either. No one wants to ride on a bike lane that is uncomfortable to ride on.

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