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By mel (registered) | Posted July 18, 2014 at 13:41:09

I love riding my one speed Schwinn but since moving to Hamilton from Guelph--a bike riding city for sure--I haven't dared.

Yes, bike riders in Hamilton understand the challenges of navigating city streets alongside their 4+ wheeled counterparts. So why have City Council, City planners, and City workers been less-than understanding?

Motivation. Where's the motivation to shift from a car-centric ideology to that of a more 'human scale' philosophy? Human scaled cities start with the citizen first, as pedestrians, as cyclists, as public transit riders, and finally car drivers. Being new to this city's politics, I"m at a loss to understand.

I'd like to join the SoBi system but the prospect of cycling from Gage Park to Hamilton Beach (which is what I'd like to do) is terrifying, so I haven't taken out a membership.

So many missed opportunities, Hamilton, by not being bike rider friendly. In Guelph I could spend an entire on my Schwinn, shopping at markets, stopping for coffee and treats, riding through parks, and taking in the art/culture the city offered.

Here, I simply drive by places and take the dog for a walk. I miss riding my Schwinn....

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