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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted May 22, 2014 at 17:42:06

Actually, it is 0.0079% of the total population (41/520000*100). But since you seem to like very rough calculations ... let's try to estimate the total rate of red light runners in the City (which is the figure you seem to be after).

But obviously not everyone is a driver: the number of vehicles per capita in Hamilton is 0.62 (relatively high for Ontario), so the percentage of total vehicles caught running red lights each day is 0.0127%. Typically, the red light cameras only look at one direction, so we can multiply this figure by two, giving 0.0254%.

Now, Hamilton has over 300 signalized intersections (i.e. those major enough to require traffic lights), so we can give a lower bound on the percentage of drivers running red lights each day as 300/12*0.0254% = 0.63%.

The actual percentage is much higher because Hamilton has far more than the 300 signalized intersections analyzed for 1983-1986 in this study and not every car is driven every day.

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