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By Really (anonymous) | Posted May 01, 2014 at 17:22:12 in reply to Comment 100764

"In every situation where a pedestrian or cyclist is killed or injured by an automobile, it is the automobile that caused the death and someone was in control of that automobile. That is a fact. If the driver had instead chosen to walk, there would have been no serious accident."

So I live 30 miles from a hospital on a farm and the nearest ambulance service is 30 minutes away. My 3 year old has a congenital defect and suffers what appears to me to be a heart attack. It's two in the mmorning and raining (no Moon.) I am atravelling the speed limit with my lghts on to the hospital and drunk wearing black riding a bike with no lghts or reflectors runs a stop light and hits the side of my car. This is my fault according to "Kevlahan."

I am thankful for judges and juries.

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