Reviews - Fringe 2019

Swipe Right for Love: A Musical Improv Show

By Arthur Bullock
Published July 25, 2019

In the latest edition of Swipe Right For Love, the Understudies remind us why improvised comedy is just as entertaining as any scripted performance.

Adriana Alfano, Kristi Boulton, Michael Divinski and Andrew Hopps are extremely entertaining to watch and they play off each other very well. As staircase regulars and improv veterans, their shows are perfect for long-time improv fans and curious newcomers alike.

In Swipe Right For Love, the Understudies mix regular improv scenes with "musical" ones, where the performers will periodically start singing on the spot. Throughout the entire show, Steven McRae provides equally improvised musical accompaniment on the keyboard.

The highlights of the show are a "dating app" segment where the audience swipes left or right to decide the characters for a scene, and a one-in-a-lifetime improv musical where the audience helps to create a love story.

Unexpected mature humour is a very real possibility, but the overall tone of the show is consistently wholesome and upbeat. No romantic experience is necessary, either through dating apps or otherwise; this show is for everyone!

Arthur Bullock is a graduate of Communication Studies at McMaster University. As a reviewer, he combines his two favourite hobbies: theatre and writing.


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