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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted August 02, 2011 at 14:35:19

I had the chance to talk with Mahesh for a good length of time that night, and I am here to say that if his words don't hit you deep on paper, spoken in his humble demeanor, they certainly will.

Amen to that, I too have had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Mahesh in person. I would even venture to say he has charisma.

...the techi...(WRCU2), there is something intriquing about his cryptic nature that I am sure other techni's get. Either way, I still value his input even though I am not always sure where he (or she?), is going with a particular statement.

IT is HE my brother Lawrence at least the last time I checked.

I have on a few occassions, expressed an interest to get together...

You know, you and I are practically neighbours, I am over here near Ottawa St N. and Dunsmere.

Mystoneycreek is also very anxious for a town hall or meet-up if you will. I think an RTH picnic or something would go a long way towards galvanizing this fine group of social activists. Maybe someone could begin working on that?

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