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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted July 03, 2011 at 10:40:30 in reply to Comment 65483

but, but, wouldn't that quick knock you yourself out of posting??

Nothing would knock me myself quick out of posting except perhaps other obligations which keep me away from my bothersome computations.

Maybe that'd not be a bad thing.

You are absolutely correct U2, this long holiday weekend I had lots to do; so much in fact that by my not being here debating trolls I got most everything racked that I needed to roll.

I don't whine on message boards that consume all my free time while my mulberries have ripened and I'm pressed to make wine. This weekend is when I make the must that begins fermentation and I must also do this quickly without hesitation especially with a watch for severe precipitation. Thankfully, that did not happen, yesterday, and I suspect the "IT's Your Festival" fans... blew all those rainclouds away?

Storm Watch GIF Image
original image. I apologize for originally embedding a near 1 mb gif resource hog.

This weekend I also meticulously restored a Clairtone Model #7978 Boombox I garbage-picked about five years ago. I kept the unit because IT has high quality sound and also receives two shortwave bands in addition to AM/FM Stereo and a working cassette deck. The equipment may be used as an amplifier as well and includes auxiliary, phono, mic, mix-mic and remote input jacks, plus an array of antenna/RF-in, audio-out orfices to choose from.

The FM selector button is broken and missing but still working. The record switch is busted but may work, I just haven't tested and both rabbit ears are missing in action although a wire coat-hanger fixes the arrested reception. But most important of all of my restorative tinkers, right down to the shiny chrome finish, was how I repaired the blown left bass speaker ever so simply with clear nail polish.

Tracy and I also walked to Gage Park on Friday evening to enjoy the It's Your Festival and rock our delicate middle-age eardrums for awhile so I suppose "that'd not be a bad thing", of all things considerably less juvenile.

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