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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted July 04, 2010 at 13:21:20

Mark-State, I do not waste excuses nor do I hide the underthings when I approach the laundry line on days such as these.

Trolling for roses is like reading the morning news before planning the last day of (as IT is for some) a longed four hallowed days weekend, to reflect upon and/or celebrate the births of two great nations. My missus shared this comment with me today, from a young Yankey step-child to her Cannuck step-mother on a facebook page:

"Not sure what IT is, but happy Canada Day..... is IT like a holiday that gets you off work?"

IT's starting to look like a laundry day folks; Brothers and sisters, we are not united and can never be organized if we cannot take to heart what IT means to feel real freedom, to experience IT and embrace IT... Have we begun to take IT for granted?

IT's Your Festival is happening right now in Gage Park, the last day of a forty year strong, four day musical event! Go NOW or you risk wasting a good part of your day reading into what I have wrung through my wash-IT machine and am now wrangling with putting-out too dry...

Alas, our local news [has informed me that] today is a write-off: ( "Smog advisory issued for Hamilton"):

To Take a deep breath and hold IT right there

The Ministry advises that people should avoid strenuous outdoor activities during an advisory as even healthy people can be adversely effected by polluted air. Those most at risk; young children, pregnant women, the elderly, asthmatics, and people with heart problems should take extra precautions.

Anyone suffering difficulty breathing should contact their physician or visit the nearest hospital.

Sunday will be the first smog day of 2010. There were four smog days in 2009. Hamilton experienced a record 45 smog days in 2005.

This advisory will remain in effect until further notice.

I went trolling for roses and once again I found only the thorns. What the heck, even the trend in the report suggests Hamilton's air is the cleanest it has been in five years! Yet here I am, I have the freedom to celebrate the birth of my homeland and that of my kinsmen brothers and sisters while spreading some badly needed money around, but I am warned IT is best today to just sit back and make IT easy with short-indoor breaths. I probably shouldn't be taking long walks in the outdoors with my children like going to listen for free to dozens of local musicians, to browse and buy wares from hundreds of arisans and eat homecooked food prepared locally from around the world. And those intergalactic carnival rides, your know the ones that take your breath away, we certainly could not expose our kids to such strenous activities on such a smoggy day.

I took my dog for a walk in the morning freshness. I seen my old-country neighbor tending to his tomatoes. We shared a passing glance and the usual greetings. IT is a fine day to be free and IT's Your Festival to see. I'll probably go because IT is the sounds in the air that I most care to hear, a little smog won't hamper my style or melodious flair at the fair when IT is masked by the sweet sounds of celebration for new birth and nation ringing in my ear. Ain't I queer? Who cares, here, have a cold beer and some cheers;-) Lose those fears and come near!

That's ehough, I'm outta here.

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