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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted November 26, 2008 at 07:53:32

A Smith, you are a supreme disappointment. You have been called to help shore up the levee and yet choose to sling mud instead. You stand fast in the muck spewing grandiose things while those around you are rushing to fill sacks with sand.

Grassroots are the way forward, if you were to go ahead and set something up like a meet and greet, I'm sure you would find a few interested folks willing to gather, at least for curiosity's sake. You might even find some 'sandbaggers', those who lurk on boards but seldom speak, would make an unquestionable appearance. The ball is in your court, though I would suggest Sam's Club, otherwise known as The Queens on Ottawa Street North (formerly CD's) as an initial water level, testing point.

seancb of Hammerboard, I believe you are correct. We'll have to wait and see if current demand is any indication of an anticipated surplus:

Mild winter for Toronto?

"This year I'm seeing huge, huge demand for snow blowers," said Reg Crosgrey, owner of A1 Small Engine Shop, near Steeles Ave. W. and Highway 427.

The "normal" amount of snow for Toronto is about 115 centimetres, according to Environment Canada's Phillips. Last year, Toronto received a massive 194 centimetres, just 13 centimetres short of the snowiest winter on record: 1938-39.

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