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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted May 03, 2008 at 08:47:40

This idea is not new but it is one that should be brought up now and again. It is what brings folks to RTH for the first time. It is a snippet of source code in the HTML form of the HYPERLINK. TheSpec is notorious for omitting these in both print and on-line editions.

"Organizing without organizations" is a part of Clay Shirky's book title but also embodies the fulfillment of burrowing into the "cognitive surplus", and the hyperlink is the greater librarian's "calling card" for open and free form borrowing of her other tomes and any subsequent readers choice clubbing.

What is important when folks like mice elf post comments here and there regarding this, that, or the other thing, is that there be a consistency of identity. Here in RTH, highwater is always highwater and WRCU2 is always Gregory D Hough. We are neither ashamed nor embarrassed of who we are and what we have to say. The importance of this is when in other arenas, like hallmark's for example, where potential participants recognize certain righters and feel as though they've gotten to know them as being a lot like themselves or as their friends and then in affect, "birds of a feather ..."

"I like her, she's a soccer mom just like me and she cares about the same stuff that I do. I want to hang out with her."

I'm not suggesting to anyone that we bare all and start bumping our uglies but the untapped "cognitive surplus" is rank full of regular folks with the same problems or solutions as you or I and they need to know that. And those individuals which help affect change need to be able to flock together by Fowl O'Wing sir names or an alias around from the standard mainstream migrations to the off course, often coarse yet more furtively whetted lands.

RTH lives up to its name and is an OPEN DISCUSSION with active hyperlinks that cite sources and share related information. The local town bee allows on their blogs a home page URL with a comment. Deal out those calling cards and let the gin rummy begin.

The mainstream media can either talk frank or walk plank as the cognitive surplus bee grins to stow away on the SS Interaction balker's fowl flank.

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