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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted April 26, 2008 at 07:10:54

I don't buy it and the people shouldn't either.

The Lister Block was a fine piece of architecture in its day but those days are now numbered. I love the quality built old stuff too. However, I won't be all warm and fuzzy inside if it stays and I won't lose any sleep over it if it goes. I've got my own home to try and hold together.

Mayor Fred was quoted recently as saying to council that the city, "is on the verge of great things." It was part of a warning statement over the Flamborough Affair that MacIntyre reported on Thursday, April 24, wedged with a maul into the Spec on page A3.

The city needs to let LIUNA do what they want to do and move on. If it becomes a white elephant so be it. There's bigger fishes for the friar.

Also the city had best place a moratorium on tax increases indefinitely. Neither my wife to be nor I has seen a pay increase in over two years. Where for frigates sake do the leviers think their ocean of money is coming from? I ain't got any extra, do you? Who's holding back the flood gates of prosperity? I'd like to know so I can coax them to let go.

While you're on page A3, peer top and center: "UN think-tank moves to Mac research park."

Lister Block does not factor into the high sea's big game fishing expedition folks. Look around you. The natives are restless, we need more OPP, we need more EMS, our kids are losing their minds and don't go to class, so we're tearing down their schools enmasse. Verge of great things, EH?

Out with the old and in with the new. What should you or I possibly do?

Do we stick out our necks for a derelict wreck? Do we waste all our breath on a moderated spec?

Don't ask me dear friends, because...

The gilded untinkering thinkers Have pulled into our unbounded pound town We're sure their tankers aren't sinkers And their edu-cats weren't found grounded down.

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