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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted April 21, 2008 at 09:20:36

I do understand with downtown crumbling and all, that folk's interest has shifted tracks somewhat from LRT briefly. It offers us a time for repose away from Hallmark's nose.

Ryan like other essayists often paint with broad brush strokes which give the finished work a more narrowly focussed palette, texture and hue. As a proponent for LRT, Ryan does demonstrate a favorable short term rebirth for the core and a mild benefit for the GHA in general but fails to blend the changing world environment's "paint thinners" within his strokes prudently enough to avoid the "water-down" streaks and runs. This only occurs however, when his oils and bristles meet with the diluent of TIME.

Rather than splatter more rhetoric and rhyme onto this grand working's carefully framed canvas, I'll leave the reader a couple sound dabs of another's brush, stoked in a vial of destiny's oil:

Toot Toot "We will probably begin to see a shift in housing demographics away from the suburbs, as people begin to migrate either “inward” to the convenience of the cities or “outward” to the safety of more rural areas (most likely to communities about 1 ½ to 3 hours from a major city)."

Hoot Hoot "Even as city life becomes more difficult, many rural towns will experience a rebirth as they find themselves reorganized into eco-villages and self-sustaining communities, experiencing an influx of educated, industrious individuals. Life will begin to de-centralize (from an urban-centric structure) and regionalize (around natural resources), and the price of arable land and “hobby farms” will skyrocket. With this return to small, prosperous communities where whole families will be working together for the benefit of the community, a renewed sense of spirituality may begin to bloom."

deconsumption: Timeline for Unfolding Crisis of Mankind

The window of LRT benefit is closing quick. Better start now or forget it altogether. Planners may wish to preserve a rural fast-track.

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