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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted April 20, 2016 at 10:06:38 in reply to Comment 117760

Most of the fact claim guesses you make in your comment are wrong.

I am pretty sure that getting hit by a car at 20km is around 90% chance of fatality 30km 95% 40km 96% and so on....

It's actually 5% at 30 km/h, 45% at 48 km/h and 85% at 64 km/h, as the studies linked in the article show.

it shouldn't take a genius to figure out getting hit by a car is near fatal nearly all the time

No, it isn't. The vehicle speed is a huge determinant in the severity of the collision.

trying to prove a point to lower speed limits

It's not about trying to prove a point, it's about trying to minimize the risk of fatality and serious injury.

if you remove the cars from the road

In a few cases, it makes sense to make a street pedestrian-only, but that is not practical for most streets at the present time.

or segregate them from anything else that could use the road.

Physical separation makes sense in some contexts; for example, bike lanes are safer and attract more riders when they are physically protected from automobile traffic.

In other contexts where it is not practical to physically separate vehicles, the best solution is to ensure that vehicle speeds are low enough to a) minimize the risk of collisions (since slower-moving vehicles can stop more abruptly) and b) minimize the risk of injury if a collision does happen.

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