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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted December 11, 2015 at 13:58:46

I'm glad to hear the City is moving ahead with two-way conversion of Wentworth Street, but the current staff plan makes no sense.

Here are the City's own daily traffic volume counts on Wentworth between Stinson and Barton Street:

  • At Stinson: 3,322 northbound, 5,098 southbound
  • At Main: 4,789 southbound
  • At King: 5,492 southbound
  • At King William: 4,046 southbound
  • At Wilson: 7,045 southbound
  • At Cannon: 5,901 southbound
  • At Barton: 2,140 northbound, 5,411 southbound

Can someone please explain to me why anyone would think Wentworth needs to retain two southbound lanes to carry only 4-6,000 cars a day?

I strongly urge Councillor Farr and Green to push back on this "two-way-in-name-only" conversion plan and insist that Wentworth be one lane in each direction with curb parking retained - like a normal city street anywhere else on the planet.

Similar to the City's other recent two-way conversions - e.g. Bold and Duke and Rebecca, this current plan seems designed to generate controversy and opposition by manufacturing a false alternative between conversion and parking.

This shouldn't be so difficult - there is literally no downside to making Wentworth a normal street again.

Edit - the original traffic counts cited here were volumes during prime daytime hours, not full 24-hour counts. The source I used to get the numbers has an intermittent issue in which daytime counts are displayed instead of 24-hour counts.

Even with the higher totals, the point stands: 4-6,000 cars a day is nowhere near enough traffic to justify two southbound lanes.

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