Urgent: Contact Council About HSR Hike

By Tom Cooper
Published November 28, 2007

Tonight, City Council will vote on the proposed HSR fare increase. Fares would be hiked 15 cents for cash fares and 10 cents for tickets.

This would be the second fare increase this year and will impact heavily upon low income residents - who often are required to take the bus to get to their workplace, medical appointments or for job searches.

As you are aware, many Hamilton residents live in deep poverty, are subsisting on bare-bones budgets and simply cannot afford yet another fare increase. A fare increase hits the poorest the hardest because public transportation is often their only option for getting around.

Citizens at City Hall has a very informative backgrounder on the fare increase.

The Hamilton Spectator also profiled an HSR rider who will be impacted by the decision.

A motion will be put forward at City Council tonight by Councillor Brian McHattie to defer the rate increase and work towards a 'fairer' fare.

A similar motion was voted down at Committee of the Whole on Monday, but not all Councillors were present for that vote. There is a feeling that if the Community made its objections heard 'loud and clear', several Councillors could be convinced to reverse their vote to increase fares.


Below are the email addresses of four City Councillors who voted in favour of (or were not present) for the HSR fare increase but may be persuaded to change their votes.

I would encourage you to consider sending each of these Councillors a quick email today stating your/your organization's concerns.

Please also pass on this appeal on to others on your email contact lists Let Councillors know about how the proposed fare increase would impact low income residents in Hamilton. If Councillors are inundated with calls and emails, they may be compelled to change their vote.

Scott Duvall Ward 7 (Central Mountain) sduvall@hamilton.ca
Russ Powers Ward 13 (Dundas) rpowers@hamilton.ca
Tom Jackson Ward 6 (East Mountain) tjackson@hamilton.ca
Brad Clark Ward 9 (Stoney Creek) bclark@hamilton.ca

Tom Cooper is the Director of the Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction.


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By Unheard (anonymous) | Posted November 30, 2007 at 10:19:06

So council just ignored what the people wanted and just did what they were going to do anyway? Not surprised. Most of them haven't got a clue. They never even take the bus and just look at people who do as poor slobs who won't benefit them anyway. Why does Margaret McCarthy get to decide what bus tickets should cost? Her residents don't even pay anything toward the HSR. We're all paying extra so we can subsidize a new bus route in her ward when her own residents aren't paying. I'm so glad poor people living downtown are helping people in Waterdown get a bus line. That's fair. Will nothing ever change in this city? I'm so fed up.

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By Hearme (anonymous) | Posted December 01, 2007 at 17:24:35

Dear Unheard,

If you are so fed up, move! Nobody will miss you.

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