Municipal Election 2006

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

By Jason Leach
Published November 11, 2006

Some rather useless and unimportant election campaign observations from yours truly:

Signs, signs, signs. I've had a quite a hoot riding around town and seeing some of these hilarious election signs.

Take the Wes Hicks election signs on the central mountain. I think he's running for the school board, but that doesn't mean he has to allow kids to design his signs. It looks like his signs were done in a craft class by six year olds. The letters look like they've been taped onto a piece of cardboard. Quite creative.

And how about that Terry Whitehead? It looks like he once starred in a 1970s Western flick and decided to use the publicity shots on his signs. Head to the top of the Queen Street hill to see for yourself - substitute the mountains of Montana for the suburban home on the Mountain and voila, "Whitehead in the Wild West".

Another beauty can be found at the corner of Wellington and Main. No, Bernie Morelli isn't selling Playboy magazines in his campaign. It just looks like it due to the matching red and white signs found at that corner.

My personal fave is undoubtedly Fred Spencer in Ward One. None of this "True Leadership" crap or goofy jingles. He takes his cue from a late '70s, early '80s hit TV show and landed the best slogan of the campaign - "Spencer For Hire". I chuckle every time I see it on Locke South. I still don't plan on voting for him, but I've wrestled with the idea simply due to the coolness of that sign.

I guess it's not as easy as it looks to design a catchy election sign, but hey, no hard feelings. Most of them are boring. It's nice to have some signs with a bit of character instead of the overpriced "fancy" ones that the high rolling candidates put out there.

This is your last weekend to check out these signs so get out and see for yourself. If you come across any others in the far east or west ends of the city worthy of mention, drop us a line with the details.

Jason Leach was born and raised in the Hammer and currently lives downtown with his wife and children. You can follow him on twitter.

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By jason (registered) | Posted November 13, 2006 at 17:57:08

I saw a bunch of signs in my neighbourhood on the weekend:

"Don't vote for Larry Di'Velop". Quite funny.

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