Comment on the Transportation Master Plan

By Thom Oommen
Published October 02, 2006

As you probably know, last week the city held two Public Information Centres (PIC) on the Transportation Master Plan. This was an opportunity to provide feedback and comments on the city's transportation plans for the next 30 years.

Unfortunately, the city put these PICs in the middle of nowhere, so many cyclists and transit users couldn't attend unless they really went out of their way. So the city isn't really hearing from these people right now.

So I thought I would help each person (i.e. you) interested in submitting comments to do so. Please do because the city wants comments or at least needs comments and they say they are listening.

They are accepting comments up until October 13th, next Friday. I have attached the comments form [PDF] which you should print and fill out and return to the person and address noted on it.

You'll need something to comment on so please take a look at the city's transportation master plan displays [PDF] from the PIC.

Thom Oommen is passionate about building truly sustainable communities. But far from technological solutions and other flights of fancy, he believes that the only way to build a just and ecologically responsible community is to embrace frugality and simplicity. He is currently focusing on actively learning the skills that will enable him and his community to face an unknown future with a measure of confidence. Check out his blog.


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